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View the document Yac kom lungse kuhka sreng in pahko? : puk se inge ma nuh sin mwet pahtuhr
Author(s): Abraham, S., Pelasio, M.
Publisher: FAO/UNDP Regional Fishery Support Programme
Year: 1991
Notes: Kosraen version of So you want to sell some shark fin?. Also in English, Tokelauan and Tuvaluan
Held at: SPC
LC Subject(s): Fishery products--Marketing
Control No.: 00001839.nul

View the document Yangpela didiman bilong Papua niugini
Author(s): Tietze, R.
Publisher: Kristen Press
Year: 1972
Held at: PNG-AQ,TI-P.320,1972
Control No.: 00012170.nul

View the document Yap fishing authority outer islands fisheries projects : Ifaluk atoll Oct. 22 to December 1, 1987
Author(s): Poland, L.
Publisher: Yap Fishing Authority
Year: 1987
Held at: SPC
LC Subject(s): Fisheries--Yap Island
Control No.: 00001706.nul

View the document Yap Fishing Authority Sea Cucumber Development Project Ulithi Atoll October 1, 1985 to November 30, 1985
Author(s): Moore, J.D., Jacobson, K., Pului, P.
Publisher: YFA
Year: 1986
Held at: FFA
Identifiers: Beche-de-mer
Control No.: 00003567.nul

View the document Yap Islands coastal resource atlas
Corporate Author: University of Hawaii at Manoa. Sea Grant College Program.
Conference: Manoa Mapworks
Publisher: US Army Corps of Engineers, Pacific Ocean Division
Year: 1988
Notes: To accompany the Yap Islands coastal resource inventory, prepared by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Pacific Ocean Division, 1988.
Held at: SOPAC; USP
USPL Call Number: QH 541 .5 .C65 M39
LC Subject(s): Marine resources, Coastal ecology
Control No.: 00009491.nul

View the document Yap proper coastal resource inventory
Author(s): Orcutt, A.M., Smith, B.D., Rappa, P.J., Corby, R.
Corporate Author: United States Army Corps of Engineers. Pacific Ocean Division
Publisher: U.S.A.C.E.
Year: 1989
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Water resources, Marine resources, Fishery resources, Coral, Archaeology
Control No.: 00005455.nul

View the document Yap proper trochus stock assessment : 1987
Author(s): Fagolimul, J.
Publisher: SPC
Year: 1988
Held at: SPC; IMR; USP
LC Subject(s): Federated States of Micronesia, Trochus shell fisheries
Control No.: 00001965.nul

View the document Yasawa marine geophysical survey 29 October - 23 November 1990
Author(s): Smith, R., Mouauri, M., Numan, W.
Year: 1991
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Seismic data, Sediment distribution, Magnetic data, Geophysical surveys, Bathymetric data
Identifiers: bed rock
Control No.: 00005534.nul

View the document Yavi rau: the customary fish drive in Malawai and Lamiti villages, Gau Island, Fiji In: Novaczek, I., Mitchell, J. & Veitayaki, J (eds.)
Author(s): Veitayaki, J., Vesi, W.P.
Publisher: USP Institute of Pacific Studies
Year: 2005
ISBN: 9820203724
Notes: Pacific voices: equity and sustainability in Pacific Islands fisheries, 80-87
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Spear fishing, Net fishing, Beach seines, Fishing rights, Catching methods, Artisanal fishing, Coastal fisheries
Control No.: 00013805.nul

View the document Yearbook of fishery statistics
Publisher: FAO
Year: 1974--
Notes: Issued in 2 v: /Catches/ and /landings/, /Fishery commodities/
Held at: Samoa; Serials Rack
Identifiers: Catch statistics; Fishery products; Fishery statistics
Control No.: 00006373.nul

View the document Year One Report; Fishery enhancement through artificial reef development for nearshore Hawaiian waters, Cooperative agreement no. NA-85-ABH-00028
Author(s): Brock, R.E., Grace, R.A.
Year: 1986
Held at: American Samoa; AR-750; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Coral reefs, Construction, Artificial reefs
Control No.: 00007671.nul

View the document Yellowfin stock in the Western Pacific
Author(s): Suzuki, Z.
Corporate Author: Symposium on South Pacific Fisheries Development (1985 : Tokyo)
Publisher: Oversea Fishery Cooperation Foundation
Year: 1985
Held at: SPC
LC Subject(s): Yellowfin tuna, Tuna--Oceania
Control No.: 00002236.nul

View the document Yellowfin tuna catch rates in the western Pacific
Publisher: SPC
Year: 1985
Held at: SPC
LC Subject(s): Fisheries--Statistics, Tuna fisheries--Oceania
Control No.: 00001718.nul

View the document Yellowfin tuna: Fishing gear, Production and Quality
Author(s): Adams, C.M., Otwell, S.W., Lawlor III, F.J.
Publisher: Florida Sea Grant College Program
Year: 1988
Held at: Samoa; Fishing Gear No 11
Identifiers: Tuna fisheries; Tuna catch statistics; Tuna production; Longlining methods; Tuna harvest
Control No.: 00006830.nul

View the document Yellow-tail trapping in New South Wales
Author(s): Wellington, P.
Year: 1988
Notes: Fisheries Newsletter (SPC), 34-36, 46
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Trap nets, Trap fishing, Fish, Catching methods
Control No.: 00013539.nul

View the document Yield estimates for the banana prawn(Penaeus merguiensis de Man)in the Gulf of Papua prawn fishery
Author(s): Gwyther, D.
Corporate Author: PNG-Dept. of Fish.
Publisher: Dept.of Primary Industry,Divi.of Fish.
Year: 1982
Held at: PNG-CR,GW-P226,1982
Identifiers: Industrial; Prawn; Resource; Gulf
Control No.: 00010334.nul

View the document The yield from a Papua New Guinea reef fishery
Author(s): Wright, A., Richards, A.H.
Corporate Author: PNG-Dept. of Fish.
Publisher: D.P.I.
Year: 1983
Held at: PNG-CO,WR-P387,1983
Identifiers: Reef; Resource; Research; Artisanal
Control No.: 00010467.nul

View the document Yields from coral reef fisheries
Author(s): Munro, J.L.
Year: 1984
Notes: Fishbyte, 2, 13-15
Held at: American Samoa; AS-RF-mgt-966; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Fishery statistics, Coral reefs, Coastal fisheries
Identifiers: Inshore Survey, FR, TDB, AS
Control No.: 00007861.nul

View the document Yonki fisher-folk: report of a survey among people fishing at Yonki reservior, upper Ramu River, Eastern Highlands Province
Author(s): Heijden, P.G.M. van der
Publisher: FAO
Year: 1993
Held at: P1393 FF HE 1993 (3 cps)only 2 copies at hand.
Identifiers: Yonki; Survey
Control No.: 00011268.nul

View the document You can't raise prawns in your swimming pool
Author(s): Pulham, E.
Publisher: Aquaculture Development Program
Held at: American Samoa; SH-490; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Aquaculture
Identifiers: Prawns, Development
Control No.: 00007439.nul

View the document Young fish in Fiji mangroves: a study plan
Author(s): Ward, N.
Publisher: Fisheries Division
Year: 1975
Held at: American Samoa MAN-29, DMWR|USP
ASFA Subject(s): Juveniles, Sampling
Identifiers: Mangrove Fisheries
Control No.: 00007031.nul

View the document Your collection and over collecting
Author(s): Gilchrist, K.
Year: 1983
Notes: Fiji Shell Club Annual Magazine, 29-31
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Shells
Control No.: 00009743.nul

View the document A zoned tidal shore at Laucala Bay
Publisher: Biology Dept., University of the South Pacific
Year: 1976
Held at: IMR - Coral Reefs and Lagoons (Pacific Islands)BF
Identifiers: Algae; Coral reefs; Crustacea; Invertebrates; Shellfish
Control No.: 00006109.nul

View the document A zoned tidal shore at Laucala Bay, Suva
Author(s): Morton, J.
Publisher: USP
Year: 1976
Held at: SPC
LC Subject(s): Coral reef ecology--Fiji, Coral reefs and islands--Fiji
Control No.: 00002080.nul

View the document Zoological Result of the Expedition to the North Equatorial Current Areas.
Author(s): Matsukuma, A.
Publisher: Department of Zoology
Year: 1984
Held at: Kiribati
ASFA Subject(s): Fishery resources
Control No.: 00009105.nul

View the document Zoological results of the fishing experiments carried out by the F.I.S Endeavour 1909-10
Author(s): McCulloch, N.
Publisher: ELC
Year: 1911
Held at: PNG GEN-FB,MC-1911
Control No.: 00012147.nul

View the document Zooplankton study of Pago Pago Harbor, Tutuila Island, American Samoa
Author(s): Kitalong, A.
Publisher: Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources
Year: 1988
Notes: DMWR Report Raw Data available in Raw Data File
Held at: American Samoa; AS-ZO-11; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Zooplankton, Invertebrate larvae, Fish larvae, Fish eggs
Identifiers: TDB, PA, FRMI, AS
Control No.: 00007015.nul

View the document Z-Trap Trials in Vanuatu
Author(s): Guerin, J.-M.
Publisher: Fisheries Department
Year: 1988
Held at: Vanuatu
ASFA Subject(s): Trap fishing
Control No.: 00008607.nul

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