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View the document The qari crab
Author(s): Barker, G.T.
Year: 1925
Notes: Transactions of the Fijian Society for the Year 1925 and 1926, Read before the Fijian Society on August 25, 1925., 14
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Crab fisheries
Control No.: 00009778.nul

View the document Qitawa: Fisheries Division news bulletin
Corporate Author: Fiji. Fisheries Division
Publisher: Fiji Fisheries Division
Year: 1986-
Notes: Later issues subtitled the Fisheries newsletter.
Held at: Samoa|USP
ASFA Subject(s): Fisheries
LC Subject(s): Fisheries - Fiji - Periodicals
Control No.: 00006349.nul

View the document Qualitative assessment of the asteroids, echhinoids and holothurlans in yap lagoon
Author(s): Crosenbaugh, D.A.
Publisher: University of Guam, Guam Marine Lab.
Year: 1977
Held at: PNG GEN-BE,GR-1977
Identifiers: Sea Cucumbers
Control No.: 00011570.nul

View the document A qualitative description of the lae small-scale artisanal fishery based on the Voco Point fishlanding survey, November 1997
Author(s): Anas, A.
Publisher: UPNG
Year: 1999
Held at: PNG-FT,AN-P.1024,1999
Identifiers: Artisanal
Control No.: 00012313.nul

View the document Quality control for the food industry: an introductory handbook
Corporate Author: International Trade Centre UNCTAD/GATT
Publisher: International Trade Centre UNCTAD/GATT
Year: 1993
Held at: PNG GEN HP IN 1993 (Loaned to Aquina Kango/Audit Cert.)
Identifiers: food; processing; quality; control; assessment; standards; microbiological; training
Control No.: 00012524.nul

View the document A quality control procedure for observer agreement of manta tow benthic cover estimates In: Lessios, H.A. & Macintyre, I. (eds.)
Author(s): Miller, I., Muller, R.
Publisher: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Year: 1997
Notes: Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium, Panama, June 24-29, 1996, 2, 1475-1478
Held at: USP
Identifiers: Sampling error, Training, Manta tow, Method
Control No.: 00013427.nul

View the document Quality grading of whole or drawn (gutted and gilled) fish fresh, chilled and frozen
Author(s): Espejo, J., Tumonde, A.
Publisher: MCFDP
Year: 1995
Notes: MCFDP working paper no.16
Held at: PNG-HP,ES-P.1017,1995
Identifiers: Grading
Control No.: 00012308.nul

View the document Quality plan for operation of wave measurement equipment and systems
Author(s): Lonseth, L., Schjolberg, S., Steinbakke, P.
Corporate Author: Oceanor
Publisher: Oceanor
Year: 1989
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Wave measurement, Wave data, Wave buoys, Development projects
Control No.: 00005538.nul

View the document Quantification of ref fish assemblages: a comparison of several in situ methods
Author(s): Bortone, S.A., Oglesby, J.L., Hastings, R.W.
Year: 1986
Notes: Northeast Gulf Science, 8, 1-22
Held at: American Samoa; RF-mgt-1003; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Data processing, Data acquisition, Census
Identifiers: Fish Assemblages
Control No.: 00007890.nul

View the document Quantitative structure of soft substrate macrobenthos of Fiji's Great Astrolabe Lagoon In: Lessios, H.A. & Macintyre, I. (eds.)
Author(s): Newell, P., Clavier, J.
Publisher: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Year: 1997
Notes: Proceedings of the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium, Panama, June 24-29, 1996, 1, 455-458
Held at: USP
Identifiers: Soft bottom, Biomass, Trophic structure, Community structure
Control No.: 00013405.nul

View the document Quantitive methods for business decisions with cases
Author(s): Lapin, L.
Edition: 4th ed.
Publisher: HBJ
Year: 1988
Held at: PNG GEN-EC,LA-88
Identifiers: Quantitive; Business
Control No.: 00011884.nul

View the document Quarantine aspects of the reintroduction of Tridacna gigas to Fiji In: Copland, J.W. & Lucas, J.S. (eds.)
Author(s): Ledua, E., Adams, T.J.H.
Publisher: ACIAR
Year: 1988
Notes: Giant Clams in Asia and the Pacific, 237-240
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Transplantation, Introduced species
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Tridacna gigas
Control No.: 00009710.nul

View the document Quarterly Economic Review 1986--
Corporate Author: Central Bank of Vanuatu
Year: 1986--
Notes: Quarterly Economic Review for 1986--
Held at: Vanuatu
ASFA Subject(s): Economics
Control No.: 00008709.nul

View the document The Quarterly Journal of the Tropical Products Institute
Author(s): Bampton, S.S.
Publisher: Her Majesty's Stationery Office
Year: 1963
Held at: Kiribati
Identifiers: Fish Processing
Control No.: 00009067.nul

View the document Quarterly Report
Publisher: ITTC
Year: 1986--
Held at: Samoa; ITTC Quarterly
Identifiers: Fisheries development; Fish statistics; Fisheries management; Fishing vessels
Control No.: 00006905.nul

View the document Quarterly reports
Corporate Author: Freshwater Aquaculture Program
Year: 1983
Notes: Peace Corps unpublished reports to Fiji Fisheries.
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Aquaculture development
Control No.: 00009671.nul

View the document Quarterly Reports
Corporate Author: American Samoa Government Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources
Year: 1983-
Held at: American Samoa; AS-DMWR-328; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Mooring systems, Catch/effort, Management, Fishery development, Coastal zone management
Identifiers: Inshore Surveys, Giant Clams, FADS, ASO
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Tridacnidae
Control No.: 00007294.nul

View the document Quaternary geology of the Guadalcanal coastal plain and adjacent seabed, Solomon Islands
Author(s): Roy, P.S.
Year: 1990
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Stratigraphy, Resource development, Marine geology, Coastal morphology
Control No.: 00004716.nul

View the document Quaternary hemispelagic sedimentation in the basins flanking the Solomon Islands volcanic arc
Author(s): Colwell, J.B., Exon, N.F.
Year: 1988
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Turbidity currents, Sedimentation, Marginal basins, Island arcs
Control No.: 00004975.nul

View the document Quaternary tectonic and sea-level history : Tonga and Fiji, Southwest Pacific
Author(s): Taylor, F.W.
Publisher: Cornell University
Year: 1978
Notes: Bibliography : p. 256-267.
Held at: USP
USPL Call Number: QE 601 .T37
LC Subject(s): Geology, Stratigraphic Quaternary., Geology, Geology, Structural.
Control No.: 00001415.nul

View the document Quaternary uplift rates at a plate boundary: implications for seismic risk, Lae urban area, Papua New Guinea (abstract) In:
Author(s): Crook, K.A.W.
Year: 1991
Notes: Workshop on Coastal Processes in the South Pacific Island Nations, Lae, Papua New Guinea, 1-8 October 1987, Published in full in Tectonophysics 163: 105-118, 65
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Uplift, Seismic activity, Plate convergence, Geological hazards
Control No.: 00005575.nul

View the document Quaternary uplift rates at a plate boundary, Lae urban area, Papua New Guinea
Author(s): Crook, K.A.W.
Year: 1989
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Uplift, Plate convergence, Plate boundaries
Control No.: 00005676.nul

View the document Queensland and Great Barrier Reef shells
Author(s): Rippingale, H.O.
Publisher: The JPP LTD
Year: 1961
Held at: PNG GEN-BO,RI-1961
Identifiers: Reef
Control No.: 00011578.nul

View the document Queensland department of primary industries:annual report 1993-1994
Publisher: DPI
Year: 1995
Held at: PNG GEN-AN,AN-1995
Identifiers: Annual
Control No.: 00011377.nul

View the document Queensland fisheries act 1994.
Notes: Reprinted as in force on 29 May 1998 (includes amendments up to Act No.73 of 1997)Reprint No.2
Held at: PNG GEN LA An 1998
Identifiers: fisheries act
Control No.: 00012749.nul

View the document Queensland Fisheries Act 1994. Fisheries Regulation 1995.
Year: 1998
Notes: Reprinted as in force on 6 March 1998 (includes amendments up to SL No.7 of 1998)reprint no.2
Held at: PNG GEN LA An 1998
Identifiers: fisheries regulation
Control No.: 00012750.nul

View the document Queensland Littoral Society field manual tidal swamps
Publisher: Queensland Littoral Society
Year: 1971
Held at: PNG GEN-COS,AN-1971
Identifiers: Tidal-swamps
Control No.: 00011703.nul

View the document Queensland's fisheries resources: current condition and recent trends 1988-2000
Author(s): Williams, L.E.
Publisher: Dept. of Primary Industries
Year: 2002
Held at: PNG GEN RM Wi 2002
Identifiers: queensland fisheries; trawl fisheries; line fisheries; inshore fisheries; recreational; freshwater fisheries; fisheries habitats
Control No.: 00012601.nul

View the document Queensland's near reef trawl fisheries
Author(s): Dredge, M.C.L.
Year: 1988
Held at: IMR - Conferences
Identifiers: Trawl fisheries; Inshore fisheries
Abstract: Approximately 1000 trawlers, ranging in length between 7 and 20 metres are licenced to fish on the Australian continental shelf between 10degrees and 28 degrees. Trawl fisheries on much of Queensland's continental shelf are as much near - reef fisheries as coastal in their distribution. Landing are dominated by penaeid prawns, slipper lobsters and saucer scallops. These fisheries are discussed.
Control No.: 00005766.nul

View the document The Queensland trochus fishery and management - related aspects of trochus biology
Author(s): Nash, W.
Year: 1988
Held at: IMR - Conferences
Identifiers: Trochus; Aquaculture
Abstract: Describes the Australian trochus fishery the extent to which populations are related, and the possibility of using trochus reared in a hatchery to replenish fished populations.
Control No.: 00005762.nul

View the document Quelques donnees sur la peche et les bonites Caledoniennes (Katsuwonus pelamis)
Author(s): Loubens, G.
Publisher: ORSTOM
Year: 1976
Held at: SPC
LC Subject(s): Tuna fishing--New Caledonia
Control No.: 00001664.nul

View the document Quelques donnees sur la recherche d'appats vivants et de bonites dans les eaux de la Nouvelle Caledonie : rapport d'une mission effectuee a bord du Kuroshio Maru (26-29 Sept. 1972)
Author(s): Grandperrin, R., Fourmandir, P.
Corporate Author: ORSTOM. Office de la Recherche Scientific et Technique Outre-Mer
Publisher: ORSTOM
Year: 1972
Held at: SPC
LC Subject(s): Tuna fishing
Control No.: 00002040.nul

View the document Questionnaire on the field observations of juvenile sea cucumbers
Author(s): Shiell, G.
Year: 2004
Notes: Beche-de-mer information bulletin, 41, 19
Held at: SPC|USP
ASFA Subject(s): Research, Juveniles, Echinoderm fisheries
Control No.: 00013924.nul

View the document Quick identification sheets for the common families of reef fish found in Papua New Guinea
Year: 1977
Held at: PNG-TA,P.1169-1977
Identifiers: Fishes
Control No.: 00012407.nul

View the document A quiet achiever : aquaculture in the Pacific
Author(s): Ponia, B.
Year: 2005
Notes: Fisheries Newsletter (SPC), 41-43, 115
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Shrimp fisheries, Shrimp culture, Seaweed culture, Prawn culture, Pond culture, Pearl oysters, Pearl culture, Pearls, Marine aquaculture, Fish culture, Aquaculture
Control No.: 00013286.nul

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