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View the document Background on the U.S. chemical munitions destruction program
Corporate Author: Embassy of the United States, Suva, Fiji
Publisher: [U.S. Embassy]
Year: 1990
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Waste disposal, Hazardous materials, Environmental impact
Control No.: 00004719.nul

View the document EIS for the designation of an ocean disposal site off Tutuila
Corporate Author: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX
Year: 1989
Held at: American Samoa; EDPO/ASCMP;ASEPA
ASFA Subject(s): Waste disposal, Industrial wastes, Permits, Marine pollution, Legislation, Environmental impact, Current Observations, Chemical pollutants
Identifiers: Tutuila, Regulations, Fish Processing, WDM, TDB, PA, AS
Control No.: 00007074.nul

View the document Greenpeace review of Johnston Atoll chemical agent disposal system (JACADS)draft second supplemental environmental impact statement (1990)for the storage and ultimate disposal of the European chemical munition stockpile
Author(s): Picardi, A.
Year: 1989
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Waste disposal, Hazardous materials, Environmental impact
Control No.: 00004717.nul

View the document The International transfer and disposal of hazardous wastes
Corporate Author: Pacific Basin Consortium for Hazardous Waste Research
Publisher: South Pacific Commission
Year: 1988
Notes: Paper prepared at the request of the Intergovernmental Meeting on the SPREP Action Plan at Noumea, June 27-July 1, 1988
Held at: SOPAC; American Samoa
ASFA Subject(s): Waste disposal, Ocean dumping, Industrial wastes, Hazardous materials
Control No.: 00003868.nul

View the document Joint study of fish cannery wastewater effluent loading reduction at Pago Pago Harbor, America Samoa, Draft I and II
Corporate Author: CH2M Hill
Year: 1984
Held at: American Samoa; ASEPA
ASFA Subject(s): Waste disposal, Outfalls, Canning
Identifiers: WAM, WDM, TDB, AS
Control No.: 00007454.nul

View the document Report on receiving water study: Kinoya sewage treatment plant
Corporate Author: Commonwealth Deparment of Transport Construction, Calwell Connell Engineers
Year: 1992
Notes: Unpublished consultants report.
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Waste disposal, Marine pollution, Environmental impact, Bays
Control No.: 00009572.nul

View the document The South Pacific
Year: 1984
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Waste disposal, Resource conservation, Natural resources, Environment management
Control No.: 00004475.nul

View the document Use attainability and site-specific criteria analysis: Pago Pago Harbor, American Samoa, final report
Corporate Author: CH2M Hill
Year: 1991
Held at: American Samoa; AS-WQ-171; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Harbours, Waste disposal, Industrial wastes, Water quality, Marine pollution, Fisheries, Environmental impact, Diving surveys, Coral reefs, Benthos
Identifiers: Regulations, PORT, TDB, PA, AS
Control No.: 00007151.nul

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