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View the document Aquaculture activities in Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau
Author(s): Ponia, B.
Year: 2002
Notes: Fisheries Newsletter (SPC), 31-35, 102
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Seaweed culture, Research institutions, Prawn culture, Pearl culture, Ornamental fish, Fish culture, Education, Coral farming, Clam culture, Aquarium culture, Aquaria, Aquaculture
Control No.: 00013208.nul

View the document Aquarium Systems
Author(s): Hawkins, A.D.
Publisher: Academic Press
Year: 1981
Held at: Kiribati
ASFA Subject(s): Aquarium culture
Control No.: 00009270.nul

View the document Asexual propagation of corallimopharian Discosoma sp. (Discosomatidae) in a closed system: a preliminary study on tolerance to cutting and methods of re-attachment
Author(s): Pakoa, K., Pickering, T.D.
Publisher: USP Marine Studies Programme
Year: 2001
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Coral farming, Aquarium culture
Control No.: 00013176.nul

View the document The 'C.A.R.E' (collect by artificial reef eco-friendly) system as a method of producing farmed marine animals for the aquarium market : an alternative solution to collection in the wild.
Author(s): Lecaillon, G.
Year: 2004
Notes: Live reef fish information bulletin, 17-20, 12
ASFA Subject(s): Tropical fish, Reef fish, Ornamental fish, Meroplankton, Larvae, Gear research, Fishing gear, Fishery industry equipment, Developmental stages, Collecting devices, Artificial reefs, Aquarium culture, Aquaria, Aquaculture equipment
Control No.: 00012842.nul

View the document The establishment of exotic freshwater aquarium fish in Papua New Guinea
Author(s): West, G.J.
Corporate Author: PNG-Dept. of Fish.
Publisher: Fish. Res. Station, Kanudi
Year: 1973
Held at: PNG-FF,WE-P412,1973
ASFA Subject(s): Freshwater aquaculture, Aquarium culture
Identifiers: Freshwater; Fish; Exotics
Control No.: 00010488.nul

View the document Integrating marine conservation and sustainable development : community-based aquaculture of marine aquarium fish
Author(s): Job, S.
Year: 2005
Notes: Live reef fish information bulletin, 24-29, 13
ASFA Subject(s): Ornamental fish, Nature conservation, Marine fish, Marine aquaculture, Aquarium culture, Aquaria
Control No.: 00012832.nul

View the document Pacific Island countries and the aquarium fish market
Author(s): Dufour, V.
Year: 1997
Notes: Fisheries Newsletter (SPC), 30-36, 80/81
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Tropical fish, Species extinction, Overfishing, Overexploitation, Ornamental fish, Depleted stocks, Aquaria, Aquarium culture
Control No.: 00013274.nul

View the document Regional assessment of the commercial viability for marine ornamental aquaculture within the Pacific Islands
Author(s): Lindsay, S.R., Stanley, J., Ledua, E.
Year: 2004
Notes: Fisheries Newsletter (SPC), 27-29, 108
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Ornamental fish, Marine aquaculture, Coral farming, Coral, Clam culture, Aquarium culture, Aquaria, Aquaculture
Control No.: 00013288.nul

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