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View the document ACIAR funds training in microalgae culture for Pacific Islanders
Author(s): Hair, C., Ponia, B.
Year: 2005
Notes: Fisheries Newsletter (SPC), 16-17, 113
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Aquaculture, Algae
Control No.: 00013718.nul

View the document Additions to the benthic marine algal flora in Fiji
Author(s): Kapraun, D.F., Bowden, W.A.
Year: 1978
Notes: Micronesica, 14, 199-207, 2
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Phytobenthos, Algae
Control No.: 00009926.nul

View the document Algal community composition within territories of the damselfish Stegastes nigricans (Pomacentridae, Labroidei) in Fiji and the Cook Islands
Author(s): Zemke-White, L.W., Beatson, E.L.
Year: 2005
ISSN: 1013-9877|1726-0787
Notes: South Pacific Journal of Natural Science, 23, 43-47
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Distribution records, Feeding behaviour, Grazing, Biodiversity, Community composition, Algae
Abstract: The species composition of algal assemblages inside territories of the damselfish Stegastes nigricans was examined from Nananu-i-ra Island, Fiji and Rarotonga, Cook Islands. A total of 32 algal species were identified, the majority of them Rhodophytes (24 species). Seven species were unique to Rarotonga, six were unique to Fiji, with the remaining 19 species recorded at both locations. The biodiversity of territories was similar at both locations. The red alga, Herposiphonia secunda, was the most abundant species found, comprising 40.33% ± 3.51SE and 33.94% ± 3.58SE from Rarotonga and Fiji respectively. Gelidiopsis intricata, Polysiphonia sp., Aglaothamnion cordatum, and various Cyanophytes were also abundant at both locations. As a group, filamentous algae accounted for 70.35% of the algae found within the territories at all sites. It is suggested that if Stegastes nigricans are actively weeding their territories, they are selecting filamentous algae, and particularly Herposiphonia sp. and Polysiphonia sp.
Control No.: 00013830.nul

View the document Algal succession on artificial reefs in a marine lagoon environment in Guam In:
Author(s): Tsuda, R.T., Kami, H.T.
Year: 1973
Notes: Journal of Phycology, 9, 260-264, 3
Held at: American Samoa|IMR
ASFA Subject(s): Artificial reefs, Algae
Control No.: 00007669.nul

View the document Benthic marine algae from Dravuni Island, Astolabe Islands, Kadavu, Fiji
Author(s): South, G.R.
Publisher: USP Marine Studies Programme
Year: 1991
Held at: FFA; SPC; USP
ASFA Subject(s): Algae
Control No.: 00003666.nul

View the document Biological processes and ecological development on an artificial reef in Puget Sound, Washington
Author(s): Buckley, R.M., Hueckel, G.J.
Year: 1985
Notes: Bulletin of Marine Science, 37, 50-69
Held at: American Samoa; AR-758; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Reef fish, Marine invertebrates, Artificial reefs, Algae
Control No.: 00007678.nul

View the document The construction of boat channels across coral reefs: an assessment of ecological impact, supplementary report (number 5)
Author(s): Kaly, U.L., Jones G.P.
Year: 1990
Notes: Unpublished report prepared for NZ Ministy of External Relations Trade.
Held at: Tuvalu
ASFA Subject(s): Reef fish, Fishery resources, Environmental impact, Environmental effects, Coral reefs, Coral, Ciguatera, Channels, Algae
Identifiers: molluscs
Control No.: 00008389.nul

View the document Contributions, technical reports, environmental survey reports, miscellaneous reports, and M.S. thesis
Publisher: The Marine Laboratory at Guam
Year: 1977
Notes: bibliography
Held at: American Samoa; REF-662; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Reef fish, Poisonous organisms, Marine invertebrates, Coral reefs, Algae
Identifiers: Transects, Sharks, Crown-of-Thorns
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Acanthaster planci
Control No.: 00007591.nul

View the document Contributions to a catalogue of the marine algae of Fiji. 1. Halimeda (Chlorophyceae)
Author(s): South, G.R.
Publisher: USP Marine Studies Programme
Year: 1992
ASFA Subject(s): Phytobenthos, Catalogues, Algae
LC Subject(s): Marine flora--Fiji
Control No.: 00008137.nul

View the document Coral reef benthic surveys of Tarawa and Abaiang Atolls, Republic of Kiribati
Author(s): Lovell, E.R.
Publisher: SOPAC
Year: 2000
Notes: ”By Edward R. Lovell, Biological Consultants, Fiji, and The South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) in conjunction with Ribaanataki Awira, Toaea Beitateuea, Taratau Kirata of the Fisheries Division, the Department of Natural Resource Development, Kiribati” -- lower cover.
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Data collections, Algae, Catalogues, Libraries, Information systems, Marine parks, Climatic changes, Biogeography, Sponges, Coral, Environmental assessment, Biological surveys, Benthos, Coral reefs
Control No.: 00013790.nul

View the document Dictyota Lamouroux (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) of the Fiji and Solomon Islands
Author(s): Ajisaka, T., Enomoto, S.
Publisher: Kagoshima University
Year: 1985
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Algae
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Dictyota lamouroux
Control No.: 00009932.nul

View the document An ecological survey of a toxic dinoflagellate gambierdiscus toxicus, and two other related unicellular algae in the Fiji Islands
Author(s): Inoue, A.
Notes: Reprinted from Kagoshima University Research Center for the South Pacific, Occasional Papers no.5, p. 105-115, September, 1985
Held at: Fiji; IMR; USP
ASFA Subject(s): Algae
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Gambierdiscus toxicus
Control No.: 00009537.nul

View the document The Genus Galaxaura (Rhodophyta) in Micronesia
Author(s): Itono, H.
Year: 1980
Notes: Micronesica, 16, 1-19, 1
Held at: IMR - Algae BF (Pacific)
ASFA Subject(s): Algae
Identifiers: Algae
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Galaxaura
Abstract: An annotated list is given of the genus Galaxaura (Chaetangiaceae, Rhodophyta)from Micronesia. Thirteen species of the genus have been identified.
Control No.: 00005839.nul

View the document Giant Clam Farming
Author(s): Heslinga, G., Isamu, T., Watson, T.
Publisher: The MMDC Giant clam Hatchery
Year: 1990
Held at: American Samoa; GC-BIO-1093; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Transplantation, Nutrition, Larvae, Hatcheries, Algae
Identifiers: Giant clams
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Tridacnidae
Control No.: 00007965.nul

View the document Iconografia de los principales recursos pesqueros de Chilezona sur aguas continentales y algas
Publisher: Subsecretaria de Pesca
Year: 1982
Held at: FFA
ASFA Subject(s): Finfish fisheries, Algae
Control No.: 00003330.nul

View the document Is it worth the cost? The live rock fishery at Muaivusu Qoliqoli, Fiji In: Novaczek, I., Mitchell, J. & Veitayaki, J (eds.)
Author(s): Sauni, S., Labrosse, P., Fay-Sauni, L., Vunisea, A., Kronen, M.
Publisher: USP Institute of Pacific Studies
Year: 2005
ISBN: 9820203724
Notes: Pacific voices: equity and sustainability in Pacific Islands fisheries, 128-136
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Aquaria, Fishery management, Fishery economics, Ecological balance, Economic analysis, Food fish, Ornamental fish, Algae, Reef fish, Coral
Control No.: 00013808.nul

View the document La production primaire bethique; Compilation bibliographique
Author(s): Claire, G.
Year: 1987
Notes: Sciences De La Mer Biologie Marine, 43, 1-35
Held at: American Samoa; AL-674; DMWR
ASFA Subject(s): Algae
Control No.: 00007603.nul

View the document Mangrove-associated algae in Fiji
Author(s): Prasad, R.A.R., South, G.R.
Year: 1995
ISSN: 1013-9877
Notes: South Pacific Journal of Natural Science, 14, 115-131
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Community composition, Biological surveys, Mangrove swamps, Algae
Abstract: Macroscopic algae epiphytic on mangrove pneumatophores were surveyed from two climatically contrasting mangrove communities in the Ba and Rewa River mangrove swamps on Viti Levu, Fiji. Seventeen taxa, including 13 Rhodophyta, 2 Phaeophyta and 2 Chlorophyta were recorded. The most frequently occurring species is Dictyota bartayresiana, followed by Chlorodesmis hildenbrandtii and Caloglossa leprieurii. Two genera normally associated with mangroves in other regions were absent in Fiji: Catenella and Murrayella. Compared with other studies in the Indo-West Pacific region, Fiji has the lowest number of mangrove-associated algae and a greatly reduced number of mangrove species. On a localized scale, however, variations in climatic conditions (between Ba and Rewa) do not seem to affect the associated algal epiflora, and no mangrove host-specificity is apparent.
Control No.: 00013850.nul

View the document The Marine algae of Fiji
Author(s): Chapman, V.J.
Year: 1971
Notes: Revue Algologique, 164-171
Held at: Fiji; IMR
ASFA Subject(s): Algae
Control No.: 00009927.nul

View the document Marine algae of the Kermadec Islands
Author(s): Nelson, W.A., Adams, N.M.
Year: 1984
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Algae
Control No.: 00005077.nul

View the document The Marine algae resources of Fiji : paper prepared for the training workshop on tropical marine algae natural product resources, Townsville, Australia, 8-20 May, 1984.
Author(s): Prakash, J.
Publisher: Fiji Fisheries Division
Year: 1984
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Algal culture, Algae
Control No.: 00009832.nul

View the document Meristotheca procumbens P. Gabrielson et Kraft (Gigartinales, Solieriaceae): an edible seaweed from Rotuma Island
Author(s): N'Yeurt, A.D.R.
Year: 1995
ISSN: 1013-9877
Notes: South Pacific Journal of Natural Science, 14, 243-250
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Plant morphology, Human food, Taxonomy, Biogeography, Distribution, New records, Algae
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Meristotheca procumbens
Abstract: The edible Rhodophyte Meristotheca procumbens P. Gabrielson et Kraft (Gigartinales, Solieriaceae), found for the first time outside of its type locality of Lord Howe Island, Australia, is described from the island of Rotuma, South Pacific, where it is a favourite food item in the Rotuman diet. It is characterized by a procumbent thallus and stellate cortical cells. It is unclear why this species does not occur elsewhere in the southwest Pacific and possible biogeographic hypotheses are discussed.
Control No.: 00013852.nul

View the document Partial identification and nutritional analysis of Kiribati algae
Author(s): Maata, M., Bird, C., Ali, S., Pickering, T.
Year: 2004
ISSN: 1013-9877|1726-0787
Notes: South Pacific Journal of Natural Science, 22, 12-15
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Human food, Distribution, Identification, Nutritive value, Minerals, Chemical analysis, Algae
Abstract: A chemical analysis of the edible algae from the island of Beru in Kiribati revealed it contained relatively high concentrations of Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions. A fair amount of protein and other minerals such as Na+, K+, Cu2+, Mn2+, Zn2+ and Fe2+ ions are also present in it. The scientific identification revealed that the algae are made of a mixture of different species, none new species. In fact, the two major types of algae that were identified (Lyngbya perelegans and Chroococcus minutus) are known to exist in Hawaii, some areas in Europe and parts of South East Asia.
Control No.: 00013833.nul

View the document A preliminary checklist of the marine benthic macroalgae of Rotuma
Author(s): N'Yeurt, Antoine de Ramon
Publisher: USP Marine Studies Programme
Year: 1993
Held at: USP
ASFA Subject(s): Check lists, Algae
Control No.: 00013522.nul

View the document Rhodolachne radicosa, a new species of red alga (Rhodomelaceae, Ceramiales)from Fiji and Southern parts of Japan
Author(s): Itono, H.
Publisher: Department of Biology, Faculty of Science,Kagoshima University
Year: 1985
Held at: Fiji
ASFA Subject(s): Algae
Taxonomic Descriptor(s): Rhodolachne radicosa
Control No.: 00009928.nul

View the document Vegetation of central Pacific atolls, a brief summany
Author(s): Fosberg, F.R.
Publisher: [US Geological Survey]
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Vegetation cover, Atolls, Algae
Control No.: 00005289.nul

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