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View the document Aggregate resources in reef environments: three examples from the South Pacific In:
Author(s): Richmond, B.M.
Year: 1990
Notes: Abstracts of papers, Circum-Pacific Energy and Mineral Resources Conference, Honolulu, HI, 66
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Sand, Reefs, Gravel, Construction materials, Aggregates
Control No.: 00008047.nul

View the document Construction materials investigation (onshore)Tonga
Author(s): Perrin, N.D., Mansergh, G.D.
Publisher: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Year: 1989
Notes: Prepared for NZ Ministry of External Relations Trade
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Sand, Limestone, Environmental impact, Dredging, Construction materials, Aggregates
Control No.: 00005653.nul

View the document Identification of onshore aggregate-quarry sites and prospects for quarry development, Pohnpei Island, Federated States of Micronesia
Author(s): Maharaj, R.J., Hatch, C., Naidu, A.V.
Publisher: SOPAC
Year: 2005
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Companies, Commerce, Marine pollution, Aggregates, Coastal engineering, Economic analysis, Socioeconomic aspects, Coral reefs, Dredging, Environmental impact, Construction materials, Pits, Basalts, Mining
Control No.: 00013778.nul

View the document Marine minerals in exclusive economic zones
Author(s): Cronan, D.S.
Publisher: Chapman Hall
Year: 1992
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Mineral deposits, Placers, Phosphorite, Marine resources, Hydrothermal deposits, Ferromanganese nodules, Aggregates
Identifiers: precious corals, crusts
Control No.: 00008114.nul

View the document Nearshore minerals exploration and mining: selected papers
Corporate Author: SOPAC-ICOD Nearshore Minerals Workshop ( 1988 : Savusavu, Fiji)
Year: 1990
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Mineral deposits, Littoral deposits, Placers, Phosphate deposits, Mineral exploration, Aggregates
Control No.: 00005437.nul

View the document Ocean issues and challenges within SOPAC responsibilities
Corporate Author: SOPAC
Publisher: SOPAC
Year: 2004
Held at: SOPAC
ASFA Subject(s): Technology transfer, Training, Disasters, Environmental monitoring, Power from the sea, Water resources, Hydrologic cycle, Coastal zone management, Coastal waters, Exclusive economic zone, Law of the sea, Modelling, Oceanography, Mapping, Aggregates, Mineral resources, Marine resources, International boundaries, Geological institutions, Oceanographic institutions
Abstract: Prepared by the SOPAC Secretariat for the Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Forum held in early 2004 at the University of the South Pacific, this report summarises the major areas of work conducted by SOPAC. These include: maritime boundaries delimitation; research into deep sea non-living marine resources; nearshore non-living resources (aggregates); mapping and monitoring coastal areas; monitoring and observing the open ocean; modelling using complex oceanographic and meteorological datasets; observing the hydrological cycle (HYCOS); desalination; coastal water quality; ocean-based renewable energy resources; environmental vulnerability; natural hazards; capacity building; resource economics; and data and knowledge management (dynamic mapping). For each of these areas an explanation of relevant issues, their current status and an account of how the issues are being addressed is given.
Control No.: 00013799.nul

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